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Ongoing Dahlia Care

Ongoing Dahlia Care | Dahlia Care
Top and/or Pinching

When your dahlias have grown, 12 to 24 and have developed a full 3rd set of leaves, pinch the center out. This will produce a bushier plant with more blooms.  


If dead flowers are cut regularly, flowering will continue until the first frost. To develop large, exhibition-size blooms, remove side buds and allow only one bud per stem to develop. (we will insert and image soon)

After you have completed your planting, it is not necessary to water the tubers; in most areas., spring rains will supply the water necessary until the weather warms. During the summer months, we soak the dahlias using a water drip system 2 to 3 times a week. The water needsto soak the soil 4-6 in depth. It is also necessary to occasionally use overhead watering to keep the flowers and foliage healthy.


Dahlias require a low nitrogen fertilizer. We use 5-10-10 when we plant the dahlias. We then will fertilize approximately 30 days after planting, and then 3 to 4 week later. It is important not to use compost or fertilizers high in nitrogen. This will cause small blooms, no blooms, and weak stems.

Weed Control

Hand weeding is the only weed control you should use. We attempted to use Preen, and it disrupted the growth of the dahlias.